6 Money-Saving Moving Tips

Time Your Move.

Everyone wants to move in the summer because of the weather or the kids are out of school. If possible, don’t plan your move around the busy months of June and July. The farther away from these months, the less work there is for movers and the better deal you can negotiate.

Plan Ahead.

Be organized.  Set a calendar.  Think about things that will cost money Movers, Moving Trucks, Insurance, Packing Supplies, Storage, Cleaning, Food for Helpers, Tips (if needed etc.)  etc.  Once the plan is set look for deals, find out if there are discounts for movers or moving trucks if booked during the week, look for coupons, find ways to find free moving boxes (craigslist is a great place to start for this.)  There are a lot of way to save if you have a plan and can be flexible.

Do You Really Need Everything?

What better time to streamline and go through  your not needed possessions than when you are packing for a move?   Get rid of clothing that doesn’t fit or you no longer wear.  Go through your kitchen drawers and all your other secret places that may collect random items.  Take what you need and leave what is already sitting there collecting dust.  Movies and DVDs are an excellent example,  do you still use them regularly or are you watching everything online.  Things like these are heavy, take up space and often just sit there in a closet or shelf.  If you find things like these that you no longer use have a garage sale or donate them.

Pack it yourself.

If you can pack your items yourself this is an excellent way to spend money.  Do you have friends or family to help you, even better have a Packing Party!    It may not be fun but it can be cost effective to hand pack everything yourself rather than paying an outside party to do so.

Never buy boxes and packing materials.  

Seriously, there is truly never a need to buy packing materials.  Head to your local liquor store, small grocery store, dollar stores and even office complexes and ask if you can have their empty boxes.  Many stores will let you know when their “truck day” is so you can show up at closing time and take the empty boxes off their hands.  The same goes with newspaper and packing materials.  Use what you have on hand, check with friends and neighbors to collect their newspapers and with things you want to be cushioned even more pack within your own towels and blankets for safe keeping. I have also gotten many boxes from free listings on Craigslist in bigger areas.

Clean up behind yourself. 

This applies mostly to those who are moving out of  a rented or leased home or apartment.  Don’t forget to properly clean up after yourself and make necessary repairs if needed before handing over your key to the landlord.  Those security deposits and extra months paid when you first moved in are great refunds that come in handy to pay for your move, help purchase new items and furniture or simply start your new phase in life off with a nice savings account deposit.


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