How to move to college with a smile

Moving to college is a huge transition for any eighteen-year-old. For most people, it’s the first time living without parents. While this is exciting to most teenagers, it is also terrifying. The move itself often becomes, but certainly does not have to be, part of this fear and stress. Young scholars may find it difficult to decide what to bring to college. After all, you want your dorm room to feel like a home away from home, equipped with as many creature comforts as possible to help through the transition.
Perhaps the biggest mistake made by college freshman is overestimating how much stuff they will need to make it through the year. If your child goes to school relatively close to home, then this especially should not be an issue, as it will be easy during the inevitable weekend trip to pick up something that may have been forgotten or your child may not have realized they would need. Even if your child goes to a school far away from home, most people have a tendency to bring more than they need, or too much of something and not enough of another. For example, your child may want to bring too many pairs of shoes but not consider that they will need a shower caddy if they, like most freshman dorms, have a communal bathroom.
Smart packing is the key to taking the stress out of moving to college. Find out what features your university offers so that you don’t bring an expensive, bulky item that you don’t need. For example, your child’s school may offer cheap, or even free, printing in the library, negating the need for a printer. Or maybe your child’s dorm as a communal TV in the basement, they may decide that they don’t want to bring one with them. Watching TV with friends from the dorm is an excellent opportunity for bonding and saves you the trouble of packing an expensive and large ite,m. Also, it is important to communicate with your child’s roommate beforehand. For example, their room doesn’t need two microwaves, two fridges, etc. Coordinate so that each half of the room is only shouldering part of the burden. Your child’s first move away from home is a naturally stressful and emotional time; pack smart and don’t let moving add to that stress.

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